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Testimonials IPS SprayerWhat customers are saying about our IPSPRO Sprayer?


"All day long excellent for gutters second storie"

" I really like these electric guns NO MORE PUMP UP SPRAYERS !!! Second story gutters have never been easier, front steps, touch up on driveway, rust removal this gun is a must have!!!  Great customer support as well. These things Rock !!! "

IPSPRO Sprayer

Upgraded reviews :

"couple of years holds up great !! acid bleach degreaser"

"I use them everyday 9 months of the year 5 days a week "

By David Mac


"Afternoon chilling with some tunes and beverage. Retiring my hydroforce's (all 3 untrustworthy pieces a shits). IPS step your game up."

IPSPRO Sprayer - Professional Battery sprayer

By Scott McKay (Prestige Carpet Cleaning)

Prestige Carpet Cleaning


" We've been testing and videoing the new IPS sprayer. So far we really like it. We did a huge 30,000 sq ft job yesterday. Spraying the tile with Groutmaster was a breeze! Loved it!"

Review video Rob Allen

By Robert Allen (Truckmount forum)

Truckmount Forum


" I own one of these sprayers .
I can't imagine being without it.
I recently cleaned a large screened in porch area and it was perfect for applying chemicals.
It makes our jobs much easier. I'm considering ordering another just because I'm terrible about cleaning it out and don't want to be without it. It save time and makes me money.....
I use it. I believe in it. I recommend it and if someone will PM me I'll suggest where to buy it. I'm not here to pump sunshine up ones ass. I state facts! "

By Andy Hinson (Alabama Pro Wash)



I tried this sprayer by spraying water through it to test it and it does spray very well. It should serve the purpose we need it for which is to spray 1000's of parking stalls a year to degrease oil spots (one garage we do has close to 3000 parking stalls)."

"Today's office view: First time my guys tried this IPS sprayer. Very impressive. The real test is Saturday when we're doing another parking garage. I'll take pics & report back on how this sprayer held up to the real test in my world"

review Larissa Hoker

By John Tornaben (Clean County Powerwashing - NY)

Clean County Powerwashing


" I've been using them since last year , they are great for wood restoration products, sealing masonry,staining decks and for chemical spot treating. I have tested them with Ready seal, semi transparent Armstrong Clark, Seal n lock, R97 , Rip it, Deck strippers, Powerhouse, Hood monster, Smokehouse, Roof keen, Artillery fungus remover, Bio barrier, Thompsons water seal, Behr, Wolman, Gutter zap, 10% Sh, concrete cleaners, Hood cleaners, engine degreasers and a hell of a lot of other products.
Even MasonRE G, Wich is A REALLY THICK masonry restoration cleaner. "

By Henry Bockman (Commercial Restorations)

comercial restorations


"I do like how compact it is...it fits behind my seat
Has lasted me 8 months without a problem .
I use it daily... I spot clean around expensive wooden doors in entryways... I pretreat dirt dauber nest with Dragon Juice...I love it for applying deck Stripper and cleaner.. The list is long.. And I am still finding new ways to use it"
" I have been pushing the limits of it with SH ratios.. Ran 50/50 several times lately..Immediate heavy flush... I know that I will kill it at some point.. But we will know it's limitations. "

By Dave Nezat (Nezat's pressure Washing)



"  I love it. I've been using mine since late August 2016. I use a 5001 jet for pre-spraying upholstery (and sometimes tile/grout) and a 8003 jet for pre-spraying carpet. I have a few 2 gallon containers I use with the IPS. I haven't used my hydroforce since.I use a quick connect (bought it at northern tool) for the 8003 teejet and I use the red cap with teejet "

By Jose Duran


" So far I really like it, especially when spraying upholstery, huge time saver. I'm really liking not having to unhook my solution line from my wand to hook to my HF sprayer, and the freedom of no hose for pre spray is great for around furniture.I used it today for carpet and upholstery pre spraying and for applying a deodorizer. Great in all aspects.The IPS is pretty cool I must say, I really like it!"

review Larissa Hoker

review Larissa Hoker

review Larissa Hoker

By Chris Smalley (Royal Touch Cleaning)

Royal Touch cleaning


"I've found the IPS sprayer to be a great solution to many detailer's problems. Portable, easy to use, and a quality tool. A great way to perform rinseless washes and a much better option than pump sprayers, air injection method, or other low pressure eco wash systems currently being sold to the industry. The IPS can also be a great tool to apply interior cleaners. I have my IPS hooked up to my custom bucket with holster, a coil hose, gamma seal lid, and bucket dolly for ease of use. This makes for a nice little contained unit that can be easily built for a fraction of the cost of currently available Eco wash carts and systems. "

By Anson Craig (MDX Detailing)

Mx detailing


" Wrt the IPS PRO sprayer this is my opinion so far.
I'm liking it esp now that I have it rigged with quick connects. The spray is steady and strong. The gun is light. The batteries seem to hold a good charge though I haven't used it enough to drain a battery yet. It's simple to use.
Talked with a friend yesterday, Dusty, if you know of him from area rug cleaning, he said the pressurized pop canisters work just as well with no moving parts. Just need a compressor. This gun is a lot lighter to use though however he is right about the simplicity of the pop canisters.
I'M GLAD I BOUGHT IT it and i would recommend it."

By Ron Werner (Happy Carpet Cleaners - Canada)

Happy carpet cleaner


"I'm very impressed with their wanting to have satisfied customers"

By Dana Jennings (Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning Of the Illinois)

Rainbow restorations


"It is fast, convenient, efficient, And Out-N-Out awesome.
Honestly, the best tool us cleaners could have, to make our jobs easier."

By Chip Garber (TLC Cleaning Service)



"I just had an emergency job at a college apartment- girl got mad at her roommates and trashed the place with spaghetti sauce etc. Not the kind of job you want to drag your hoses through. I used the IPS to prespray a deo/pretreat mix, rinsed with the truck. Then I put the dip tube into a jug of Hydrocide, purged the line in 2 seconds, and post sprayed. A nice feature it that you can lightly press the trigger, and it will mist spray the upholstery, and then pull the trigger at the desired level for the carpet or hard surface. Can't do that with a pump up sprayer OR a Hydroforce. So it is an interesting product"

By Kevin Kluth (Pinnacle Eco Clean)



"That god damn sprayer is amazing .
It is also great for upholstery cleaning. Also stairs !"

By Anthony Hernandez (Extreme Steam Carpet Restoration Cleaning)

Extreme steam powerwashing


"Just sprayed 11 Gallons of ReadySeal.
Worked pretty good."

By Matthew Petty


"I have one , it is awesome"

By Mike Tricarico (Mike's Power Washing LLC)

Mike washing


"This is our first time to use it and has worked very well.
1700 sqft deck sprayed in 3 hours with 25 Gallons of Bakers Gray Away.
3 hours include wiping down some overspray and brushing the deck as well.
I love the battery life! It lasted a good 2-3 hours before I changed to the other one.

By Daniel Simmons (Elite Power Washing LLC)

elite power washing


"I'm really liking mine !"

By Brent Versendaal (All Seasons Carpet Cleaning)

All season carpet cleaning


"I can't tell you how much I love working with this new piece of kit. The IPS PRO is awesome. It seems to be useful from most things regarding washing. We even used it to apply some weedkiller today."

By Mark Cave (Mr Clever Clean - SoftWash UK)

Softwash UK


"I got the gun! Works fantastic for fabric protection application and for cleaning solution applications... Had to clean a sofa and restore it so used it for the cleaning solution application and then for deodorizer on the sofa and the slip covers that were also cleaned and deodorized... Bye-bye pump up sprayer for good I won't want to use anything else."

By Randy Bruce (Wipe Out Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners)


"Absolutely love mine. It's so cheap even if I have to replace it every year or two I'll be way money ahead. In seven years I've gone through 2 $400 battery sprayers and one $400 electric sprayer so that's an average life of about 2 years. I bought the full kit at $225 but will probably be ordering another basic sprayer and battery for $140 just to be a back up."

By Joey Johnston (All Star Steam Cleaning)

All star carpet cleaning


"The IPS is a tool every washer needs!"

By Louie Ruiz (Superior Washing Services)

Superior washing services


"It is truly a good product and the customer service was A +++"

By Nathan Casey (HRC Cleaning & Restoration LLC)



"IPS is the best and I've had them all"

By Mark Roberts (Flash Window Cleaning)

Flash cleaning


"I purchased a IPS Pro Sprayer a few months ago. I had my doubts about it because it was battery powered and I didn't want to be changing and charging batteries all the time. After using it the last few months, I can say with certainty that I will not be going back to the old pump up sprayers. I have found that the IPS Pro is saving us time on every job and as you all know, time is money. I am very impressed with the battery life as well. The kit I purchased came with 2 batteries. I normally work all day on one battery. We use 2 1/2 gallon jugs for pre-spray. Just the other day on a big commercial job, we went through 10 jugs of pre-spray before I had to change batteries. As a business owner and user of this product, I highly recommend the IPS Pro Sprayer."

By Don Oxford (Don's Tru-Clean Carpet - Upholstery Cleaning)


"I have used this for probably 10 or 15 jobs. Pre Sprayed tile, Pre Sprayed Carpet for HWE jobs and Deland Moghimi used it for 1 small job. Get the Quick Connect kit, that will simplify the life. Battery lasts a long time. I actually never ran the 1st battery out of power after charging it the 1st time. It worked every time. If your are using a pump up, stop it. If you are using a battery powered pump, this is a great alternative. If you are using a hydroforce - may not be the change you want unless you don't like your hydroforce and are thinking about changing to a pump up sprayer or battery sprayer. It sprays, and sprays and sprays and sprays..."

By Joel Riggs (Carpet Cleaning INC)

Carpet cleaning inc


"My crew got to use the new IPS sprayer today doing office chairs for 10 hrs. and they loved it. I sprayed the first 10 or so chairs before i let my guys takeover and i have to say that it is amazing for upholstery. Being able to regulate the flow by how much you squeeze the trigger is an ideal feature for spraying upholstery. I used an .01 tip from my OP machine and it sprayed great. The guys used the same battery all day to spray office furniture wich kinda surprised me. I put the long hose through a hole in the plastic lid on a 2.5 gal. jug just like on the trinity op machines and set the jug on the ground out of the way. On an upholstery job ,i give it an A+"

By Mardie VanBree (Natural Cleaning Systems - Canada)

Natural cleaning systems


"It is a good tool to have. I used it on houses, chimneys, gutters, steps etc. Rust removal was great with it. Really any project where you need a high strength mix..."

By Rob Anderson (Clean Powerwash)

Clean Power wash


"Great tool ! Love it !"

By Oxygenie Carpet Cleaning Services

Oxy genie


"I love my IPS Pro sprayer. We have been using them for almost a year now. They are very handy for prespraying our carpet cleaning jobs, both residential and commercialy. We can have our helper prespraying ahead of us while the other is cleaning so that way the prespray isn't drying out before we can clean. Also with the premixing of all our chemicals now we are saving money and time. Thank you for the great product."

By Ben (Meyers Cleaning Service)

Meyers cleaning service


"All I can say is this thing is bad ass. Super lightweight and versatile. If you guys do not own one of these buy one today. I've owned several different sprayers and this one takes the cake by far."

By Robert Mueller (Sun Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning)

Sun carpet


"By far the best tool for applying liquids in any industry hands down!"

By Anthony Kingfield (Discover Carpet Care)

Discover carpet care


"We had your great tool to show at the class this week in Denver!
Students thought it was great!
We like the IPS PRO !
The company who makes it is being represented by a good person who really is standing behind and working to even improve the product as it becomes apparent."
"Performed some low moisture cleaning today!
This ips sprayer with ZioDry TS from CleanMaster was awesome!
We love the results we Get with the CRB!"

By Shawn Bisaillon (The Carpet Cleaning Coach)


"IPS object fantastic : Great, easy to handle, lightweight and reliable."

By Sacha Pini (EBC Swiss Power Wash - Switzeland)



"IPS Pro - Perfect for applying most types of solution."

By Kristopher Blake (Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning Of the Illinois)


"I really do like it, I charged up both batteries 2 weeks ago and have only used one so far .
Good flow,has no issue priming.
I use a 2.5 gal container with a hole in the lid to run 4ft pick up tube too.
It is nice being able to move it to a different jug for Carpet /Tile or Upholstery without much fuss ."

By Ashley Mc Kendree (Uber Clean - Carpet Cleaning)

Uber clean


"I used it on a crap load of UPH today...it was so much easier then the pump up sprayers I have been using it the past..the super seals seem to be doing good so far..they have held up longer then the others anyway.....I am really liking this sprayer"

Upgraded review

"it is the best sprayer that I have ever used...I have 2 of them..one is over a year old and the other is somewhere about 8 months..both are going strong....."

By Jim Martin


"I recommend this sprayer. It works great and my employees love it too. I did have one part break but I sent a message to Francois and he sent a replacement part out right away. Great customer service!"

By Dyarl Alexander


"It beats a pump up ten fold.
First time in 25 plus years that I didn't use a HydroForce on carpet."

By Mike Paillotet


"Been using this for the past two weeks. Can't imagine ever using a pump sprayer or the Pepsi tank ones ever again."

By Mickael Craig


"So far I really like it, especially when spraying upholstery, huge time saver.
I'm really liking not having to unhook my solution line from my wand to hook to my HF sprayer, and the freedom of no hose for pre spray is great for around furniture.
I used it today for carpet and upholstery pre spraying and for applying a deodorizer. Great in all aspects.The IPS is pretty cool I must say, I really like it!"

By Chris Smalley


"This sprayer is fuc*** AWESOME!!!
Best $220 I've spent in a long time!!I love mine!
My second one is being shipped !"

By Michael Camacho


"Superb piece of kit, wouldn't be without mine "

By Billy Russel


"We love our IPS sprayers. We use them every day."

By Scott F. Rendall


"IPS all day long !"

By Warren Wallace


"I like mine and i'll say i take piss pore care of it and have no probs. with that said i would not replace my HF with it. need both"

By David Whittle


" I've found the IPS sprayer to be a great solution to many detailer's problems. Portable, easy to use, and a quality tool. A great way to perform rinseless washes and a much better option than pump sprayers, air injection method, or other low pressure eco wash systems currently being sold to the industry. The IPS can also be a great tool to apply interior cleaners. I have my IPS hooked up to my custom bucket with holster, a coil hose, gamma seal lid, and bucket dolly for ease of use. This makes for a nice little contained unit that can be easily built for a fraction of the cost of currently available Eco wash carts and systems."

By Anson Craig


"That ips sprayer made me tons of money. Love it !"

By Dan Dykstra (Pressure Washing Company)

Pressure washing


"They work great I bought 5!"

By Warren Wallace (Magic Carpet Pride)

magic pride


"Works really well! I was getting about 20ft out of it. I would describe it as a pump up on steroids. I wouldn't try to do a building wash with it but great for smaller projects."

By Mitchell Preusser (DFW Pressure Works)



"I love mine ....so far so good though"

By Justin Brown (Ultimate Power Clean)

Ultimate power cleaning


"I have one as well and have had good luck with it. So far. The company is very committed to his customers and is on the ready to help if you have any trouble. Give it a shot."

By Jon Gredjus (Pro Pressure Wash LLC)

Pro wash llc


"IPS Sprayer is great to use with UNLEASHED by ODORx"

By John Otero (Dri-Eaz)



"I use this on my tile floors for cleaning, my barn walls, even to wash down my animals-- this is a wonderful product and is truly amazing to use!"

By Ann Pruit


"This sprayer is so versatile my guys will be using it to spray a stain on a house next week with it after its stripped. So far I'm very impressed how well this sprayer works. Now if it can hold up to the countless times my guys will be using it and probably abusing it as well then its going to be another tool in my arsenal to make great coin with"

review Larissa Hoker

" Today's office view stripping a house with the IPS Sprayer which has been pretty impressive for us so far. A week or two later we'll be staining this house with the same gun."

review Larissa Hoker

By John Tornabene (Clean County Powerwashing - NY)

Clean county power washing


"I love mine use it all the time"

By Mark Meldrum (Cleaner Gutters)


"I personally like the IPS with anything you wouldn't want on your skin. With the ips you just run a long, thin suction hose. There are no clamps or hoses under pressure to eventually leak or burst. It also puts out far less volume than a bigger pump which is awesome for certain things.I'm just sold on the simplicity and less chance for employees getting chem burns with the little ips sprayers."

By Jason Heath (Preferred SoftWash)

Preferred softwash


"Love the IPS sprayers. We grabbed two of them at the tradeshow. Use them all the time now. No more pump up sprayers."

By Troy Pinkston


"I love it so much ! For upholstery cleaning mostly but I do a shit ton of it every year I also put down tile cleaner with that but I don't do near as much of that. I very rarely rinse it out unless I'm using harsh tile cleaner but never with a pole street cleaner and I've had no problems with it. Cracking it was my own damn fault I had my upholstery bag too far in the back of the van and close the door on it"

By David Whittle


" I use the basic IPS all day today and it rocked. Yes the cheap one :)"

By Kenny Cosway


"My sprayer just died today had it for 3 weeks nothing but Saiger Sauce threw it. Got out IPS been sitting in my van for the 3 weeks still full of old prespray and ran like a champ"

By Jason Waters


"It is a good deal. Love mine!"

"Used an IPS PRO sprayer . Great item to have. I wish I had found it sooner"

By Ron Kleinfield (Advanced Power Washing)

advanced softwash


"1 1/2 year using my IPS ,  and still working with no problems"

By Adolfo Barrios Leon


"I bought one last year with the upgraded seals and it's still kicking butt, I have ran acids,alkaline, and many other products thru it and haven't had a issue. Maybe because I take care of my equipment I'm not finding the failure"

By Jason Goclik (Michigan's Finest Floor Care)



"The ips is a really nice sprayer. I'm not into board hype"

By James Hardy


"Bought 1 last year & sprayed mold acid solution & it worked great."

By Owel Hall (Baystate Mold Advisors)

Baystate logo


"I didn't do my deck stain today due to rain, but soft washed my patio. It was a pleasure to work with the IPS compared to pump up sprayers."

By Josh Wickham (All That Window Cleaning)


"I use my IPS pro to spray the tile and grout. I like that i can ease off the trigger to spray the grout line alone if i need to."



"It's what I've been looking for, Fantastic!  I use it practically every day. Highly recommend."

By Wen Poin


"This IPS pro, so far is doing everything I want to do so far"

By Josh Wickham


"Great sprayer ! Never had an issue with it !!"

By Shawn Currie


"Dottore, it's an excellent gun. Go for the 250 package. You'll never lose battery. The only thing I've done was upgrade to the metal tips and put a quick connect on the bottom instead of the brass barb. It works great, I can still get a bootle with the quick connect on and I don't have to worry about crimping the hose. Love this Gun!!!"

By Rich Gallina (Orbi Clean)

orbi clean logo


"I like it. It give a nice consistent spray  pattern"

By Blake Sheila Mc Cormick (Chem Expert Co.)


"I love it. Going on two years. I want to buy the new upgrade one that was just released"

By Brent Benore (Carpet Rescue)


"I like my ips sprayer !!!"


on the spot carpet cleaning


"Have been using my IPS for a year and it is flawless . Excellent value"

By Mark Levitas


"I use IPS everyday, and wouldn't want to be on a job without it..."

By Louie Salerno : (THE STEAM PATROL)

the steam patrol logo


"Excellent Sprayer! Portable. Bottle can attach to it like a paintball gun or the hose, which is super long, can b left in the 5 gallon bucket. Used mine for attic mold stain remover."

By Al Hall (Baystate Mold Advisors)

baystate mold advisors


"the IPS sprayer has been a great tool in my business."

By Allen Partch