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Pressure washing - Ips sprayer

Softwashing & Pressure Washing... So many uses around the house !

Apply cleanser to your driveway with the elbow connector and the mist jet nozzle or the flat fan nozzle :

Driveway treatment - IPSPRO

Driveway treatment with IPS Sprayer

driveway treatment - IPSPRO Sprayer

Around the pool :

IPSPRO Sprayer - Pool cleaning

Cleaning around the poll - IPS SSprayer

Clean walls with the mist jet nozzle :

Wall cleaning - IPS SPrayer

Wall cleaning - Ips sprayer

Wall cleaning - IPS Sprayer

IPSPRO sprayer - wall cleaning

Flat fan nozzles will water widely your garage door :

Garage door cleaning - IPS Sprayer

Garage door cleaning - IPSPRO Sprayer

Garage door cleaning - IPS Sprayer

Window Cleaning :

Window cleaning - IPS PRO Sprayer

The concentrated jet nozzle will get rid of the dirt, mud and moss on your roofs' eaves and edges :

Roof cleaning - IPS SPrayer

IPSPRO Sprayer - Roof cleaning

Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts use the IPSPRO sprayer to clean all of their patio and deck furniture :

patio furniture cleaning - IPS Sprayer

Deck furmiture cleaning - IPS Sprayer

The IPSPRO spraying system is also used to clean COILS and AIR CONDITIONING units to remove soil from the coils without damaging them :

Coil cleaning with IPSPRO sprayer

Coil cleaning - Ips sprayer

Coil cleaning - IPS Sprayer

The IPSPRO sprayer can also clean and disinfect :

  • Boxes

  • Farm equipments

  • Kids toys and playgrounds

  • Trash bins... and even more !

Cleaning around the house - IPS SPrayer

Box cleaning - IPS SPrayer


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