IPS PRO sprayers have been used by thousands of contractors in different industries to apply :

Cleaners - Sealers - Disinfectants - Quaternaries - Mildewcide - Bactericide - Deodorizers - Insect Repellents - Weed Control products


Stop pumping

IPS is the first electric autonomous sprayer with continuous jet in the world. Our sprayer allows pulverization of any liquid product or low pressure cleaning simply by immersing the hose and its suction strainer in any container. Every part of the sprayer in contact with the product is made of brass or plastic used in the industry (no parts made of aluminium).

The joints of the IPS are made of Viton and the nozzles are made of PP and POM. Our sprayer is compatible with every pulverizable liquid.

Flowrate is controlled by the trigger, providing a continuous jet and facilitating the application of chemicals. You can also adapt every soda bottle with a standard neck in order to use small quantities of product or even homemade preparations. With its continuous jet and incomparable mist nozzle, IPS is very economical, using 3 to 4 times less liquid !

Last but not least, the concentrated jet nozzle supplied with the IPS sprayer allows you to spray to a height of 10 yd, reaching the top of trees and roofs easily and safely. The IPS sprayer is guaranteed for one year (6 months for the batteries) and each part can be easily replaced by our customer service, making it a high-quality tool for life.

With our IPS sprayer and its special concentrated jet nozzle, you can remove the moss on your roof without climbing. Spray up to 10 yards. You can reach your roof eaves safely and without damage. The lightness of the device and the continuous power provided by the battery makes every work on heights safe and easy.


Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you with IPS-PRO !