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IPS Sprayer - Warranty


IPS Sprayer warranty : 12 months

IPS Batteries warranty : 6 months


IPS Sprayer - Technology

The warranty covers manufacturing defects

Warranty is void when IPS Pro products are used under the following conditions :

After every use, the sprayer should be rinse with at least 0.5 gallon of water

After every use, no liquid should be left stagnant in the Products’ pump.

After every use, the battery must be removed and dried. Oxidation of batteries’ terminals voids the warranty.

Every 6 months, the battery must be emptied, then fully charged.

Do not use the Products without the anti-suction strainer.

Chlorine must be diluted at a maximum of 20%. The strength of chlorine should not exceed 10%.

Do not use solvent, non-water based diluent, chloridric acid or paint.

IMPORTANT : Dismantling the product voids the warranty

If the damage are covered by the warranty:

- Shipping fees are assumed by the customers

- Return shipping fees are assumed by IPS Pro, LLC

Chemical compatibility for IPSPRO Sprayer

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Warranty IPSPRO

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