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IPSPRO - Instructions

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How to use the IPS PRO? (FULL PACK)

Instructions IPSPRO Sprayer full pack


How to use the IPS? (BASIC PACK)

Instructions Basic pack IPSPRO Sprayer____________________

How to install the Quick Connect Kit ?

Quick Connect Kit IPS Sprayer 1

1 - Remove the plasc piece that says IPS by taking out the two push pins:

Quick Connect Kit IPS Sprayer 2

2 - Carefully remove the yellow coupler from the gun without damaging the plasc threads.
Wrap the male threads of the yellow coupler with 2 wraps of thread tape :

Quick Connect Kit IPS Sprayer 3

3 - Carefully screw the Female Quick Connect coupler into the gun, and the male Quick Connector on to the yellow coupler as shown.  Be careful that you don’t cross-thread or over ghten the fi0ngs and damage them.

4 - If you screw in the quick connect too far, it might crack the end of the wand.  
If that happens, just cut off 12” of the plasc wand with a hacksaw and start over, or use a tap and die set to re-thread the inside of the wand.  Heang up the end of the plasc makes it easier to install the quick connect.



How to replace the pump head on the IPSPRO Chemical Sprayer in less than 10 minutes?

Lien video 32

How to change the seals on the IPS PRO ?

Lien video 38


You can also download the user's manual you need  :

Ips pro user manual

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