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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the IPSPRO Spraying System:

What are the specifications for the Batteries and how long will they last?

The Batteries ae 12 Volt, 1.8 Ah NiZn batteries.

Each Battery will run for approximately 2-3 hours depending on how thick the product is that you are spraying, if you are using it at full throttle, and how long the supply line is that you are using.

The Batteries can be fully recharged in about 1 hour.

The Batteries have 6 months warranty.  Additional Batteries can be purchased from any IPSPRO Vendor.

Are there any products that the IPSPRO Sprayer Can NOT be used with?

Using products with Solvents that are commonly used in Graffiti Removers, Mineral Spirits, Paint Thinners, NAPTHA or similar chemicals will damage the sprayer.

Can the IPSPRO Spray be used to apply deck stains and sealants?

The sprayer can be used to apply any clear deck sealant, and when used with the “Wood Pro” kit, it can apply Ready Seal, Armstrong Clark Semi Transparent, Bakers Gray Away, TWP, BEHR and other deck thicker deck stains.

NOTE: After using the sprayer with deck sealers and stains, clean the gun by spraying a deck stain remover through it, then run a gallon of fresh water through it.  Failure to rinse the sprayer out properly will cause the seals to stick and it will not operate properly until it has been cleaned out or the seals have been replaced in the pump.

If my sprayer stops priming what should I do?

First hook up the small hose to the sprayer and then slide the other end into a garden hose or faucet to “force” water into the pump.  This will usually remove any particles that might be stuck in the pump seals, and rinse out any remaining product that may have not been rinsed out completely during the last use.

NOTE: Always use the IPSPRO sprayer with one of the filters that are in the box!

If the gun still won’t work after trying the method above, the seals may be clogged or stuck, or they might have been damaged by a product that you used the gun with the last time.  Replacement seals can be purchased from any IPSPRO supplier and easily installed in less than Ten Minutes.

Or if you prefer, you can contact one of our Authorized Repair Facilities and they will replace the seals for you.  You will be responsible for shipping fees unless the problem is caused by a manufacturers defect.

Is there a list of products that the sprayers are regularly used for?

Seal -N-Lock

RipIt Deck Stain Remover And Cleaner

Wood Britener

Hood Monster

Fleet Brite

Gutter Zap


Big Truck Brite

Concrete Cleaner

Roof Kleen

10% Sodium Hypochlorite

Severe Strip


Bio Barrier


House And Gutter Cleaner

Enviro Bio Cleaner

Simple Green

Ready Seal Deck Sealer & Stain : With the Wood Pro Kit.

Armstrong Clark Semi Transparent Deck Stains : With the Wood Pro Kit.

Bakers Gray Away: With the Wood Pro Kit.

Any brand of Acrylic Deck Sealer And Stain : With the Wood Pro Kit.

Any brand of clear deck sealer

Can the sprayer be used for applying Janitorial Cleaners?

Yes, the IPSPRO Sprayers have been used to apply Mildecides, Quaternary, Deodorizers, De-greasers, Disinfectants, floor strippers, tile and grout cleaners, shower stall cleaners, Simple Green, Windex, Oven Cleaners, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Bleach and other similar products.

Can the sprayer be used for applying Pest Control Products?

Yes, the IPSPRO Sprayers have been used to apply Insecticides, Pesticides for Ants, Fleas, Mosquitos and other insects, as well as repellents for Snakes, Deer, Rabbits and other animals.

How do I remove the hose from the handle, it seems very tight?

If you prefer, you can remove the hose after each use or leave it on the gun. If the hose is hard to remove, try twisting it, sometimes that will break the seal a little easier so that you can pull it off. If it's still difficult to remove, or if the hose doesn't "seal" as well on the hose barb, use a razor blade and cut a small slit in the side of the hose to remove it, then cut off one inch of hose to remove the stretched aera of the hose from the line.

You need more informations? Contact us or get the gun !

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