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Carpet cleaning review by TRUCKMOUNTFORUMS:

Lien video 1 - IPS Sprayer

Carpet cleaning review (Robert Mueller - Sun Carpet)

IPSPRO Sprayer video 41

Carpet cleaning review by Larissa Hoker :

Lien Larissa Hooker

Carpet cleaning review by Chip Garber :

Lien Chip Garber


TESTIMONIAL : "It is the best sprayer that I have ever used...I have 2 of them..one is over a year old and the other is somewhere about 8 months... both are going strong..." Jim Martin

Carpet cleaning Companies use the IPSPRO for applying spot cleaning products !

Carpet cleaning with IPS PRO sprayer

TESTIMONIAL : "I love my IPS Pro sprayer. We have been using them for almost a year now. They are very handy for prespraying our carpet cleaning jobs, both residential and commercialy. We can have our helper prespraying ahead of us while the other is cleaning so that way the prespray isn't drying out before we can clean. Also with the premixing of all our chemicals now we are saving money and time. Thank you for the great product." Ben (Meyers Cleaning Service)

Carpet cleaning with IPS Sprayer

TESTIMONIAL : "So far I really like it, especially when spraying upholstery, huge time saver. I'm really liking not having to unhook my solution line from my wand to hook to my HF sprayer, and the freedom of no hose for pre spray is great for around furniture. I used it today for carpet and upholstery pre spraying and for applying a deodorizer. Great in all aspects.The IPS is pretty cool I must say, I really like it!" Chris Smalley

Carpet cleaning - Ips sprayer

TESTIMONIAL : "I own one of these sprayers. I can't imagine being without it. I recently cleaned a large screened in porch area and it was perfect for applying chemicals. It makes our jobs much easier. I'm considering ordering another just because I'm terrible about cleaning it out and don't want to be without it. It save time and makes me money... I use it. I believe in it. I recommend it and if someone will PM me I'll suggest where to buy it. I'm not here to pump sunshine up ones ass. I state facts!" Andy Hinson

Carpet cleaning with IPS Sprayer


carpet cleaning with IPSPRO

Carpet cleaning - IPS sprayer