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Pressure washing - Ips sprayer

Softwashing & Pressure Washing... So many uses around the house !

Check out the NEW IPS PRO, now it can spray Hydrochloric Acid based clenaning solutions !

Lien vidéo IPS PRO Sprayer 50

TESTIMONIAL : "It is fast, convenient, efficient, And Out-N-Out awesome. Honestly, the best tool us cleaners could have, to make our jobs easier." Chip Garber

Apply cleanser to your driveway with the elbow connector and the mist jet nozzle or the flat fan nozzle :

Driveway treatment - IPSPRO

Driveway treatment with IPS Sprayer

driveway treatment - IPSPRO Sprayer

Around the pool :

IPSPRO Sprayer - Pool cleaning

Cleaning around the poll - IPS SSprayer

Clean walls with the mist jet nozzle :

Wall cleaning - IPS SPrayer

Wall cleaning - Ips sprayer

Wall cleaning - IPS Sprayer

IPSPRO sprayer - wall cleaning

TESTIMONIAL : "We've got 2 that made it through about 200 house washes before any issues. One for acid and one for butyl. We got lucky because we haven't exactly been kind to them! I like the sprayers. It's time to order a few more." Jason Heath (Preferred Softwash LLC)

Flat fan nozzles will water widely your garage door :

Garage door cleaning - IPS Sprayer

Garage door cleaning - IPSPRO Sprayer

Garage door cleaning - IPS Sprayer

Window Cleaning :

Window cleaning - IPS PRO Sprayer

The concentrated jet nozzle will get rid of the dirt, mud and moss on your roofs' eaves and edges :

Roof cleaning - IPS SPrayer

IPSPRO Sprayer - Roof cleaning

Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts use the IPSPRO sprayer to clean all of their patio and deck furniture :

patio furniture cleaning - IPS Sprayer

Deck furmiture cleaning - IPS Sprayer

The IPSPRO spraying system is also used to clean COILS and AIR CONDITIONING units to remove soil from the coils without damaging them :

Coil cleaning with IPSPRO sprayer

Coil cleaning - Ips sprayer

Coil cleaning - IPS Sprayer

TESTIMONIAL : "I played with the IPS Sprayer for about a week before I put it on the first truck and and waited for my techs to see if they would burn me at the stake. I have to say in all my time using this device I never once found an issue. The build is solid, the case protects the device from damage, and there is a wide arrangement of extensions and tips to tackle various jobs. We use this unit for applying carpet prespray, protectants, and deodorizers and the stock nozzles provided do a wonderful job with each task. We have used multiple sprayer units in our line of work and I can say this has got to  be one of the very best! My techs think so too! Thanks for producing a kickass device! we all love it here!" - Kevin Ivers (Bluegrass Cleaning Company)

General uses (Pressure Washing) :

Lien homeowners

Review by John Tornabene (Clean County Powerwashing NY) :
Review John Tornaben

The IPSPRO sprayer can also clean and disinfect :

  • Boxes

  • Farm equipments

  • Kids toys and playgrounds

  • Trash bins... and even more !

Cleaning around the house - IPS SPrayer

Box cleaning - IPS SPrayer


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