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Pest control - Ips sprayer

How to apply insect repellent easily with IPSPRO ?

Apply insect repellent easily with IPSPRO

Apply insect repellents around homes, in crawl spaces, and attics. Safely treat bee’s nests without getting stung !

  • Spray any pesticide and insecticide and get rid of the pests and rodents around your house

  • Use the concentrated jet nozzle to aim precisely then, gently pull the trigger.

  • Use the flat jet nozzles to spray in larger areas.

Pest control with IPS Sprayer

Water repellents - IPS Sprayer

Pest control - IPS PRO

Pest control

pest control IPS Sprayer


The IPSPRO can be used to apply water repellents to concrete, brick, stucco... and many other surfaces !

Water repellents - IPS Sprayer


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