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The IPS (Independent Power Sprayer) PRO can be your new cleaning partner at he barn ! The IPS PRO is 90 PSI and 0.6 GPM. Gentle enough to spray your horses, yet powerful enough to use at the barn. Easy to use, built tough to last, you can use your IPS PRO to clean the horse even in the middle of the pasture with no other water source than a single bucket. This comes in very handy if you have a horse in the pasture with a wound that needs to be cleaned or, it can be attached to your fly spray bottle so you can apply fly sprays without taking the horse to the barn!

The IPS PRO can be used to apply cleaning, and deodorizing solutions in an even spray on your stall floors, walls or even to help wash your tires, stall walls and floring !

Equestrian Care - IPS Sprayer


About The IPS Pro!


IPS PRO LLC as created in 2014 to set a new industry standard in the sprayer world - specialized in a NEW kind of sprayer ! The Independent Power Sprayer (IPS) is a highly successful French innovation. IPS Pro, LLC was created due to the collaborative effort of our inventor (who has been distributing industrial sprayers for 30 years) and professionals in the chemical world with many years of experience, along with an international specialist in raw materials and world wide suppliers, who is able to ensure that the IPS is the best made, most innovative sprayer on the market today!

So What Is The IPS?

IPS  (Independent Power Sprayer) is the first electric autonomous sprayer with continuous jet in the world. Our sprayer allows pulverization of any liquid product or low pressure cleaning simply by immersing the hose and its suction strainer in any container. Every part of the sprayer in contact with the product is made of brass or plastic used in the industry (no parts made of aluminium).  The joints of the IPS are made of Viton and the nozzles are made of PP and POM. Our sprayer is compatible with every pulverizable liquid.

How About The Flowrate Of The IPS? 

Flowrate is controlled by the trigger, providing a continuous jet and facilitating the application of chemicals. You can also adapt every soda bottle with a standard neck in order to use small quantities of product or even homemade preparations. With its continuous jet and incomparable mist nozzle, IPS is very economical, using 3 to 4 times less liquid !

How Far Can It Spray?

The concentrated jet nozzle supplied with the IPS sprayer allows you to spray to a height of 10 yd, reaching the top of trees and roofs easily and safely. The IPS sprayer is guaranteed for one year (6 months for the batteries) and each part can be easily replaced by our customer service, making it a high-quality tool for life.

What If I Want To Remove Moss From My Barn Roof?

With our IPS sprayer and its special concentrated jet nozzle, you can remove the moss on your roof without climbing. Spray up to 10 yards. You can reach your roof eaves safely and without damage. The lightness of the device and the continuous power provided by the battery makes every work on heights safe and easy.

What Makes The Independent Power Sprayer So Unique ?

*  Adjustable Gun Controls Flow And Pressure Up To 90 PSI

*  No Electricity or Heavy 12 Volt Car Battery

*  Chemical Feed With The 25' Supply Hose or 2 Liter Bottle

*  Rechargeable Batteries

*  Super Quick Charger can recharge battery in one hour

*  Industrial grade Viton seals for long life

*  Self Priming Pump up to ( 25'+ included )

Please Note:  that the SELF PRIMING PUMP CAN PRIME UP TO 165 FT ! We INCLUDE 25’ of hose, but you can get more if you need to. This is so REVOLUTIONAL because you don't need to move with the liquid you need to spray .  You  can simply keep the jug at one space and walk to spray up to 55 yards (165 feet) around !!!  This is a very nice feature for weed control or roof cleaning , and many uses for cleaning stalls, disinfecting the barn and anything you will need a sprayer for! .You just need to purchase a little more hose in any hardware stores or on our website available soon!

Is It True that The IPS Pro Will Allow Me To Wash My Horses From A Bucket Of Water?

Yes!  Horse owners have all had times when they wish they could wash their horse, but there wasn’t a hose available or nearby… or, if you are at a show, there may be a line up of people waiting to use limited wash stalls! How convenient to know that you can fill a bucket of water, drop the IPS Hose into the bucket and have a spray shower for your horse— or maybe for YOU if you are out camping and need to clean off without a shower stall!

Why Do Veterinarians Love IPS? 

The veterinaries love it! The IPS can be taken into the pasture with just a bucket of water or a bottle of Betadine to help clean, irrigate and sanitize the wound. IPS sets forth a gentle, yet thorough spray to help keep the wound clean and sanitized. 

Is It True That Equine Dentists Are Using IPS?

Yes! Many equine dentists state that  proper irrigation and flushing of debris is an integral part of equine dentistry. Compact and portable IPS is an easy way to rinse the mouth, to clean incisors and flush diastemas..."

* Compact and practical, easy to rinse the mouth ! "

* Versatile : can be used either with the bottle or with the water tube

The IPS Comes in 3 Package Styles For Your Convenience:

IPS BASIC— this is most likely the best set for the average horse owner. Starting at only $149 it has everything you need. 

IPS PRO with 1 Battery is for those with a large operation who can see multiple uses and want the absolute top of the line. Starting at only $224 it is built to last. 

IPS PRO with 2 Batteries is for the pro that may also have uses for the IPS at both his farm and his work. Carpet Cleaners, Contractors, and other service industries rely on IPS to help them every day. Starting at only $249. 

Can I Really Attach My IPS To a Bottle To Apply Fly Spray?

You sure can and what complete coverage you will get! Your IPS Pro can work with any container!

What Are Other Uses For My IPS Pro?

* Washing down walls or stalls, or aisle ways

* Applying a disinfectant at your barn

* Washing down the driveway, tires or truck.

* Rinsing hooves, both outside and on the bottom of the hoof to remove debris

* Washing and disinfecting your horse trailer

Is The IPS Gentle Enough For Wounds?

Yes. If your horse is in the pasture and you aren’t able to get the horse to the barn, this is especially helpful to both you— and the veterinarian — for gently washing wounds or applying antiseptic! Again, just drop the hose into a bottle of antiseptic wash and you can gently, and thoroughly wash those wounds!

What If My Horse Is Stiff and Sore Or Swollen From A Work Out? Can IPS Pro Help?

Absolutely! The IPS Pro will gently massage tired muscles. The nozzle can be adjusted to both softer and firmer pressure, and you can select just the right amount of force to ensure that your horse can relax and recover after a work out or injury. 

The IPS BASIC… or IPS Pro With Battery Should Be A Part Of Every Horse Barn— Order Today!

The IPS Basic starts at only $149 and is the perfect device for horse owners and has multiple uses that you will enjoy on a weekly basis, for horses, barn, property and home.  For those who have large property uses, or sprays to put on many stalls or flooring, the IPS Pro starts at only $199.  You will find so many uses for your extremely well built, easy to use IPS- you’ll wonder how you ever got along with out. Don’t wait and order today !

equestrian care - Ips sprayer
Equestrian care - Ips sprayer
Equestrian care - IPS SPRAYER
Equestrian Care - IPS SPRAYER
Equestrian Care - IPS SPRAYER IPSPRO
Try the best !
Equestrian Care with IPS Sprayer

Equestrian Care IPS Sprayer

Equestrian Care with IPS SPrayer

IPS Pro is the perfect tool for horses dental care : IPS Pro Sprayer is compact and practical, easy to rinse the mouth, to clean incisors and diastemas. It can be used either with the bottle or with the water tube.

Battery : complete loading time 1 hour

Autonomy : 40 to 50 horses

Light Weight : 2.5lbs

Available soon : Set of three nozzles special equestrian dentistry care:  Diastemas, Rincing, Incisors.