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Car detailing ips sprayer

Car detailers can use the IPSPRO spraying system to apply cleaning solutions, De-grease engines and pre-treat interior carpets. They can also apply scotch guard and other stain preventatives !


Review by Anson Craig (MDX Detailing) :

Lien video 39 - IPS Sprayer Car detailing

Foaming tip for the IPS :

Car detailing - IPSPRO Sprayer

Auto detailing :

Car wash with IPS PRO Sprayer


90 PSI and continuous jet flow to wash your car without scatching the paint !

Shampoo efficiently and carefully your car !

Use the flood jet nozzle to clean deeply every parts !

The elbow connector allows you to access every inaccessible parts !

Car detailing with ips sprayer

Car detailing ips sprayer 2

Car detailing ips sprayer 3

Car detailing ips sprayer 4

car detailing ips pro 4

Car wash with IPS sprayer

After race cleaning of buggy, bike, quad, motocross, ATV... and many more !

Prepare the vehicle by spraying water on the mud in order to remove it easily,

Wait a few munites before pulling the trigger and efficiently get rid of dirt and mud !

Use the elbow connector to clean behind the wheels and inaccessibles parts of your vehicle !

Safely clean your engine !

Car wash 1 - IPS sprayer IPSPRO

Car wash 2 - Ips sprayer IPSPRO

Car wash - Ips sprayer IPSPRO

Tractor cleaning with IPS PRO !

Tractor cleaning with IPSPRO Sprayer

Tractor cleaning - IPS sprayer

Detailing IPSPRO Sprayer


Car detailing - Ips Sprayer

"I've found the IPS sprayer to be a great solution to many detailer's problems. Portable, easy to use, and a quality tool. A great way to perform rinseless washes and a much better option than pump sprayers, air injection method, or other low pressure eco wash systems currently being sold to the industry. The IPS can also be a great tool to apply interior cleaners. I have my IPS hooked up to my custom bucket with holster, a coil hose, gamma seal lid, and bucket dolly for ease of use. This makes for a nice little contained unit that can be easily built for a fraction of the cost of currently available Eco wash carts and systems."

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