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Created in 2014, IPS Pro, LLC is specialized in a new type of sprayer : The Independent Power Sprayer, a successful French innovation.IPS Pro, LLC was created thanks to the association of :
- The inventor of our sprayer, who has been distributing industrial spare parts and sprayers' material for 30 years.
- A professional in chemicals with a 10 years work experience. Specialized in selling products sprayable for professionals in different field of activity:
Construction / Renovation
Agriculture and Livestock
- An international specialist of raw materials and worldwide suppliers, who makes sure to provide to our customers the best quality.


GOLD MEDAL of the International Lepine Competition - PARIS 2013
TRUFFAUT PRIZE for the International Lepine Competition - PARIS 2013
BRONZE MEDAL of the International Lepine Competition - PARIS 2014


Every parts of our product is checked during the assembling process.
Thanks to this extra-care, our customer service in Europe has less than 1% of returned products after 2 years in the market.
Defect products are mostly due to a bad handling of our sprayers.  

Since its invention, we are able to answer to every questions and study every request to build your models, in order to answer to your needs, image and your budget.


We obtained the authorization ETL needed for distributing our invention in the American continent. We also have every industrial protections and patents which made of our sprayer the first and only of its kind.IPS Pro, LLC aims to offer a better life to professionals and private individuals by providing them the most resourceful sprayer in the market.