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The Independent Power Sprayer is one of the most versatile and easy to use sprayers on the market.

What makes the Independent Power Sprayer so unique ?

- Adjustable Gun Controls Flow And Pressure Up To 90 PSI

- No Electricity or Heavy 12 Volt Car Battery

- Chemical Feed With The 25' Supply Hose or 2 Liter Bottle

- Rechargeable Batteries

- Super Quick Charger can recharge battery in one hour

- Industrial grade Viton seals for long life

- Self Priming Pump up to 25'+


With IPS Pro, you can’t buy the wrong gun -

Our guns have a one year warranty. Just fill-up the warranty coupon and we will take care of everything!




#1 IPS gun
#2 Batteries
#3 Charger
#4 Strap
#5 PVC hose 10 yards
#6 Small PVC hose
#7 Brass pipe
#8 Nozzle disassembly key
#9 Anti-moss suction strainer
#10 Concentrated jet nozzle
#11 Flood jet nozzle
#12 Red Flat fan jet nozzle
#13 Blue Flat fan jet nozzle
#14 Straight connector
#15 Tube nut + 30 ° Elbow
#16 User’s Manual
#17 IPS gun - trigger
#18 Metal hook